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About Us



      Functional pieces of art for everyday use               

Hey there, concrete enthusiasts! We're Rich and Jennifer Storcks, the dynamic duo behind our hand-cast concrete business. Our journey began in 2017 when Rich crafted the very first Single Cigar Ashtray – a US-patented marvel that quickly became our best seller.

Fast forward to today, and we've evolved, introducing vibrant colors and our signature marbling pour to our designs. This technique blends multiple hues into each piece, creating a stunning natural stone effect. With 7 unique stock color combinations and over a dozen designs, we've turned concrete into an art form.

Wondering where the magic happens? Our concrete creations come to life in our home garage on the beautiful Jersey Shore. Amidst the creative chaos, you'll find us working alongside our trusty companion, Miniature Schnauzer Randy.

We're thrilled that you've discovered us! Welcome to our concrete haven – where art meets functionality, and each piece tells a story.


 Our Design Mission for both him & her

Our mission is to produce functional pieces of art that you can use in your everyday life that serve as beautiful decor elements that add a touch of sophistication to any room or space.  We are inspired by the simplicity and elegance of mid-century modern designs and strive to create pieces that will embody these qualities. 

Smoking cigars has become a celebratory process to ease the stress of the day and to celebrate an event with friends.  Whether he smokes cigars by the fire pit after work with a glass of bourbon or on the weekends with friends while watching the game, our concrete cigar accessories expand his smoking experience while helping her to tie all of her design elements together to create a beautiful space.


They are designed with men in mind to serve as a sophisticated holder to add enjoyment to the ceremonial practice of smoking cigars.  They are designed to be left outside all year round and are sealed and watertight.  Use mild soap and water to clean. 

Our designs can be found in stores across forty-three states, and in backyards around the world.

🖤 Jen & Rich